TWIZZLEBIRD | Web Design Chester


Creative Director 

Amy is the woman with the big picture.  She takes time to understand our client’s needs, their own customers and target market as well as the vision for the business and the project.  She works with clients to write the brief, begins the collaborative process and strives to create the best conditions for the project’s success.  Amy oversees the creative work on the project to ensure it’s on-brief and effective.


Technical Designer 

Dave is the man who makes things.  He is our hands-on designer and technical coder. He has the enviable ability to combine his artist flair with technical, logical thinking.  He brings the concepts to life, articulating them visually and interactively and ensures everything functions beautifully.  Dave is on-hand offering support to clients beyond the project launch.


Functionality & Usability Tester 

Sue is the woman with the keenest eyes.  Sue is our associate tester and puts our technical work through its paces.  She not only tests for functionality, but for consistency across devices and usability.  Sue is a stickler for detail and spots niggles a mile off.  This attention to detail plays an essential part in Twizzlebird’s quality assurance.