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Over recent years Instagram has made a name for itself in product marketing. With over 200 million active users a month, it can target a huge audience even though it is one of the smaller social media sites. Research has determined that Instagram receives the highest amount of engagements, with over 50 times more than any other social media platform. This high figure has been an attraction to many marketers as a new opportunity to engage a different demographic.


The key to Instagram’s success is its highly visual nature and lack of any obvious advertising. Instagram wasn’t designed to be a marketer-focused-platform. Facebook is now covered in advertisements and obvious business marketing, whereas Instagram remains focused on the user. This has been a big draw in for Instagram users, they only see what they have followed and are not subjected to campaign advertisement. Although welcome on Instagram, brands are strongly encouraged to give themselves a persona. The companies that have truly adopted this approach and embraced the creativity of the platform have gone on to connect with their audience.


Instagram has a big following from younger users, the millennial generation. This is a limiting factor for some companies such as B2B businesses aiming at other companies or B2C companies aiming at an older demographic. But only time will tell if Instagram continues to grow and gain a wider demographic. At this point its level of growth is still very much on the rise.


Companies selling tangible products, especially from the retail, food or health and fitness industry, have seen successful campaigns on Instagram. Instagram is the home of trends – and with people being able to express their own creativity, they expect it from the brands on there too.


Businesses with a creative flair for product marketing could see significant sales growth through using Instagram. If your business is keen on creating campaigns that are inspiring and imaginative, Instagram could be the place to put them. Videos on Instagram can last up to 30 seconds, allowing brands to use richer storytelling to enhance its imagery. It can also provide the perfect platform for delivering a strong message to the younger and more trend-aware demographic. Enhancing your digital marketing strategy to include Instagram could see you turning engagements into sales, as many brands have already demonstrated.


Instagram is just one of the social media platforms to be considered when developing your digital media strategy, and if relevant to your business, can become an important addition to your website content too. If you’d like to talk to us about how Instagram or other social media can be incorporated into your website contact us to book a free consultation by emailing or calling on 01244 421 019. Free consultation can take place at our office in lovely Chester, or via telephone or Skype depending on your preference.

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