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Murmurations – 1 year on, and now for more…

Murmurations the #makechester talks last year gave me a massive pot of inspiration. In my blog about it, I wrote how I’d been inspired to take some small steps of action, and one year on, on the eve of Murmurations 2017 I thought I’d share what they have been. 


They are a little extra-curricular, not directly related to our web design work, but I thought I’d share them anyway, as I believe all positive, creative work feeds other creative work, so it will influence our web work in one way or another…



More than anything it gave me the confidence to make my ideas happen, even if they weren’t fully formed and I didn’t know quite how I was going to achieve an end goal. In fact it freed me up to not necessarily have an end goal before I actually started chipping away at my idea. Here’s what I did…


Inspired by talks from Incredible Edible & Ludicology 

I’ve organised a small project on my street to “Plant & play in the alleyway” as part of a bigger community project called “Beautiful Alleys of Hoole” (which I can’t take credit for). After the talks it struck me that the alleyways of Hoole were a big untapped resource, in a fairly dense urban landscape where space is at a premium. An alleyway given some love and attention can go from being a neglected dumping ground to a beautiful extension to your garden, a place to chat with neighbours, to grow food and a traffic-free play area, where people can safely travel through the streets. Step 1 was to clean, and a small team of us enthusiastic neighbours got out our gloves and brooms and cleared the area of over 20 bags of rubbish. Step 2 will be a planting day and Step 3 will be a play day and hopefully, this will turn the alley into a well-used, well-loved space. 



A film to celebrate the community garden at Hoole Community Centre

Before Murmurations I’d be really intrigued by the community planting at Hoole Community Centre, and just loved the idea of the produce being used in Hobson’s cafe, just steps away from where they were picked. So fired up from the talks I arranged to film with the lead volunteer. Our little film is still in the making, only at rough-cut stage, but soon to be completed, which leads to my next project…



50 Projects Made with Love

After the Manchester & London terror attacks we felt the urge to do something positive, and share the love a little bit. This also being the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, gave us reason to do something. The difficulty always is having the time and resources to do it. So we came up with a simple but positive project; an online curation of 50 projects made with love. Started on 21st June, we are sharing a project a day for 50 days that is made with love, about love or gratitude. In fact at least one speaker from the last year’s Murmurations will be included here, so look out for our tweets, and our blog on 9th August where we’ll share the complete list of 50. 


I’ve enjoyed acting on my ideas a bit more and each action has inspired another, however small.


And after all that, we sadly can’t make it to this year’s Murmurations, but to those of you who can, have an exciting day, and tell me what it inspired you to do too.


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