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An inspiring day at Murmurations the #MakeChester talks

“It was something I heard about at Murmurations” has become my catchphrase this past few weeks. Murmurations the #MakeChester talks was held in the St Mary’s Centre and it provided me with a massive pot of inspiration.


#MakeChester is exciting in itself because it’s a kind of open source, banner for anyone to use if they are creating something positive in Chester. A loose, open and free collective – what a wonderful idea that is! (see it working on twitter) The team behind the MakeChester talks are all local professionals from different fields; Andy the Architect, Alice Sustainability headSam the Photographer and Tom the Veg Man all with a collective vision, they made a great job of it. 


The day was jam packed with amazing speakers, it’s hard to put into words just how good these people were and they were all good. But my utter highlights were Mike Barclay and Pam Warhurst. Mike runs Ludicology a local business who work in different ways with play and playfullness. As a creative, a business owner and a mum I could literally feel my synapses firing – or doing whatever they do, something special was going on in my brain anyway! If you care about kids or creativity listen to their podcasts. This has become my new hobby.  


Pam Warhurst from Incredible Edible blew my mind a bit too. Wow. She took big ideas and turned them into simple actions which has snowballed into a wonderful global project. She is an ace speaker too – passion and clarity that you can feel is taking the room along with her. 


If I’d have heard those two and no one else that day I’d have felt my forty quid entrance fee was good value for money. But there were more, and they were all great; from Storyhouse to Mark Shayler each and every one gave me something big to take away. All the talks were loosely based on Chester – What kind of city is it? What it could be? What is our culture? Each speaker giving us a new perspective to look at it from and a new aspect to ponder – which I still am, by the way. 


Oh yeah and the food! The lunch was this cool, fresh picnic-hamper style affair by new start ups The Cheshire Dining Experience .We were seated with people randomly and had chance to sit and share and chat. The ethos of sharing threaded through the whole day, and created a collective energy and positive spirit in the room that was almost tangible. 


So with a big pot of inspiration what can we do with it? Well small things are happening, not much yet to tell but I’m taking small steps of action, around some of the ideas to create something…vague yes, but I want to play and play around with it for a bit and see what it becomes, and what form it takes itself. By the next Murmurations talk I promise, to myself at least, that these ideas will have become real. 


And next year, if you`re wondering whether to get a ticket –  just do. 

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