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5 facilities & features to increase conversion

Beyond the basics that all websites need to market a business, there are some additional features that can be added to go further to engage visitors and turn them into customers. 



Live chat

This is a very common feature nowadays but can be very powerful if used well. Most of us use Live Chat while shopping or banking online. The facility to speak directly to a team member on the website can be very helpful if the content doesn’t answer your questions. Often clients are concerned about being available at all times to respond to live chat conversations, and it is an issue for small, stretched businesses. But there are a few options available, and more recently there has been an introduction of bots that run the chats for you. It might sound very impersonal but can act as another way for people to access the information they like in a direct way, without you having to manage it yourself. Dave’s currently testing some software for this, let me know if you’d like to have a chat about it. 



Selling online

There are a whole range of ways to sell online. From something basic like an option to sell a single item with payment via PayPal to a full eCommerce facility there is probably an option to suit your needs. You can start small and grow it with your business. Or you can integrate a really scalable system with a great customer experience from the beginning. Whether your products are physical or digital it can help you add another channel of sales to your business without expanding your physical premises. Contact me if you’d like to discuss the options to sell your products online. 




Offering downloadable content can be a great way to engage your customers and learn more about them. You could gather contact information by giving an option to download a document if they give you their email address. You have to make sure that the content is high enough value to the visitor to be worth them sharing their email address with you.


It doesn’t just have to be about gathering data though. You can also allow free access to downloadable content and track the ‘download’ buttons to see how many are downloaded. This can further engage a potential customer and gives you more into insight into the kind of information visitors are looking for. Email me for to discuss how to incorporate downloadable content to your website. 



Customer or client area

By allowing customers or members to login to a special area on your website, you can give them a more personalised experience. You can show them exclusive content, give them exclusive offers, make content look and feel different depending on their preferences, all manner of personalisations and special treatment. Not only can this increased conversion, by giving you a better chance of showing the right products/services for them, it can increase loyalty because you are serving them so well. Contact me if you’d like to discuss how to add a client area to your website. 




Even if you don’t sell products online you can gather reviews on your website, either directly or via a third party system. This can be a big trust-builder and can help people commit to working with you. Contact me to discuss the options for gathering reviews on your website. 


These are just a small number of features you can add to help increase conversion on your website. If you’d like a personalised feedback on how to increase conversion with your website, contact me to book a meeting in Chester, or phone or Skype. 


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