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These guys are a great, Chester based brand, web and design agency. We recommend them because we know, like and trust them. They share many of the values we ran Twizzlebird on and they are experts in what they do.
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Twizzlebird is closing!

Yes, we’re closing, and now that all our lovely clients know we thought we should spread the news. Twizzlebird will close at 5pm on Friday 21st July 2017, for good.    Where we came from  If you know us and why we began, you will know that Twizzlebird was the dream of me (Amy) and…

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5 questions to ask when you get a web design quote

It must be so hard comparing website quotes because us web designers seem to describe the same things in all kinds of ways. Also what’s automatically included in one quote, might be considered an added luxury on another. I’ve had conversations with small businesses where their quotes for the same specification differs by tens of…

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Murmurations – 1 year on, and now for more…

Murmurations the #makechester talks last year gave me a massive pot of inspiration. In my blog about it, I wrote how I’d been inspired to take some small steps of action, and one year on, on the eve of Murmurations 2017 I thought I’d share what they have been.    They are a little extra-curricular,…

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