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“Since using Twizzlebird to redesign and overhaul my website my average readership has increased by over 50%. I get continued compliments about the site and it’s ease of use. Twizzlebird have been absolutely instrumental in making my business and products professional and competitive against the biggest publishers out there”


Joseph Alexander | Director of the web business, Fundamental Changes


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5 ways to show your indie’s authenticity in a fake news world

We’re in the midst of pretty weird political and cultural times. Most of us are feeling election fatigue and we have weeks of campaigns and slogans and soundbites ahead of us. Then there’s Brexit. Then there’s all the other “stuff”. Culturally I think we’re in a state of uncertainty, not only about the future, but about…

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International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange

Happy International Women’s Day 2017! This year the theme is #BeBoldForChange which got me thinking about the action I could take to help bring about parity for women more quickly.    A sense of inequality doesn’t strike me on a personal level very often. I’m a business owner, an equal partner in it with Dave. I…

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The chains are now imitating the independents – what can indies do?

Last week it was revealed that Waterstones had opened 3 stores under different names, a move that their chief exec’ explained was because they wanted the new stores to have “…a more independent feel…”. After Tesco’s “fictional farms ” last year where does all this imitation leave the real independent businesses?    Independent businesses still offer…

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