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People need to instantly understand why you are different & better. Corporates call it your unique value proposition. It’s what makes you standard apart, so we make sure your design is distinctive. Your potential customers need to feel in safe hands, so we design to build trust. They also need to feel inspired to buy from you, so we design to light that spark. That’s why all our work is bespoke; so your business and your customers are at the heart of every idea, sketch, pixel and finished article we create. But bespoke doesn’t have to be out of reach and overpriced. We’ve designed our pricing & payment structures with indie businesses in mind too, as we want high-end design to be accessible to you.

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Uncommonly we also hand over the copyright of our design work to you. We think that’s the way it should be; it’s your business, your brief, your money, so in our eyes, it should be your design too. That seems fair, so that’s how we operate.

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We don’t design things that just look pretty or trendy or that rank and crash on Google. Instead, we design with the bigger picture in mind; with purpose & intention, opening up the broadest benefits and the best return on your investment.



Most people will understand why we love running a design business. We get to work creatively, make meaningful, beautiful things and work with great people. Our passions go beyond design though, we’re here to find better and new ways of doing business, helping our clients and making an impact.  


Clients often comment on how much they enjoy the process of working with us. We see projects as a meeting of your expertise and ours to bring the best results. We’re also pretty smiley, accommodating and open too. 

Amy | Creative Director

I love coming up with creative solutions.  Obstacles actually feed my creativity, I believe there is usually a win-win option if we approach a challenge in the right way. I work with clients to develop a design brief that solves their problems and targets their goals. I then work alongside Dave to wrangle with any design challenges along the way, and make sure we all get the best outcome from our work.

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Dave | Technical Designer

I love bringing visual ideas to life. Taking abstract ideas, along with concrete goals and turning them into working designs and working websites. I’m a hands-on designer as well as web coder and I love both aspects of my work because it means I get to bring it all to fruition.

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Sue | Usability Tester & Project Support

Sue is the woman with the keenest eyes. Sue is our associate tester and puts our technical work through its paces. She not only tests for functionality, but for consistency across devices and usability. Sue is a stickler for detail and spots niggles a mile off. This attention to detail plays an essential part in Twizzlebird’s quality assurance.

sue testing and project support