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Twizzlebird is closing!

Yes, we’re closing, and now that all our lovely clients know we thought we should spread the news. Twizzlebird will close at 5pm on Friday 21st July 2017, for good. 


Where we came from 

If you know us and why we began, you will know that Twizzlebird was the dream of me (Amy) and Dave. We had the ambition to work together, bring our creativity together and do what we were best at. We were inspired to work with small and independent businesses. So on a camping trip to Devon in 2009 we cooked up a plan, to make Twizzlebird; a web design studio in beautiful Chester. A year later, after saving, researching and planning we packed our bags and a transit van and relocated. Our first job came in earlier than we could have hoped,  so just 5 days after we moved we were doing our first project. It was a bit mad, but super exciting!



Why we’re closing 

7 years on we have a client list and a portfolio of work we’ll always be proud of and our little business has not only sustained us since 2010 but also provided for our wonderful daughter, who was born in 2015. 


What next?

Now, in 2017 we feel our dream has changed, and being parents has been part of that refocus. The amazing freedoms and flexibility of self-employment can sometimes feel like the opposite. So with a new dream in mind, we’re helping our clients move over to our recommended alternative, the fabulous Reasonably Good and we’re off. As before we’ll be doing what we do best and what we love, that just looks a bit different than it did in 2010.


A big heartfelt thank you!

To all of you who we have worked with, who have supported us, have followed us on social media, have kindly read our blog or whatever – a massive heartfelt thank you! When we began we were overwhelmed by the positive reception and support the business community in Chester offered and nothing has changed. Honestly, when we began, I wouldn’t have dared dream we’d beat the statistics, be here for the best part of a decade, get to work with exactly who we wanted, all along with retaining our vision and our integrity and then even getting to close in just the right way. We are so grateful.


Love Amy and Dave x


2 responses to “Twizzlebird is closing!”

  1. You’ll be missed. It’s been a huge privilege to work with you guys. All the best for the future. x

  2. Phillipa Reynolds says:

    Good luck for your future xx

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