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Small Business Saturday | We Recommend I Choose What I Use

I choose

On the run up to Small Business Saturday we’re featuring one of our great customers each day this week today we’d like to talk about I Choose what I Use


When we hear the words Vegetarian or Vegan we naturally think about food but as anyone who avoids animal products will be all to aware the truth is more complicated than that. Animal products appear in all sorts of consumer products but it was the specific area of cosmetics and toiletries that our client Sue had chosen to grapple with. 


From bug based proteins to animal fats the products we use day to day contain a surprising amount of non vegan ingredients. I Choose provides a safe space for people to shop online without fear, knowing that everything they look at is 100% vegan.


I Choose started out with a broader product range including some items that were veggie but not vegan but increasingly it became clear that the sites audience were best served with a 100% vegan store, after all all vegan products are vegetarian and so ultimately everyone is happy.


We originally built this site back in 2012 and have loved seeing the business develop. We really respect what I Choose have done, a great business operating in a clear part of the market and driven by strong ethics and if you’re in the throes of Christmas shopping you’d do well to check them out.


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