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Sharpening our drawing skills at Draw Draw

The Draw Draw workshop looked perfect for a fun way to do a bit of professional development. The workshop was run by our fabulous client Mary Hill, who incidentally we first met at her inspiring print-making workshop about 5 years ago! 


It’s not your average drawing class. It’s experimental and free and all about finding your own way with drawing – right up my street. 


We worked with a few tactile objects, looked around for the unnoticed-but-interesting and gained a few new creative ‘ways in’ to drawing. For us as designers it was a good reminder to look at things from different perspectives and to take a breathe before diving in. I learned I LOVE drawing with a stick and ink. We both enjoyed that yogic-like focus that comes from drawing with no other goal than to look and be. 


Thanks Mary – and there’s more to come go here to find out more. 


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