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Planning for the year ahead – using video

Over recent years video has become an increasingly important medium for marketing your business online. That said It appears to be currently under-utilised by small independent businesses compared to how large brands approach it. Perception of cost, unsuccessful attempts at making video in-house and a lack of confidence in what content would really engage your customers can all be reasons to push video to one side in favour of text and image based messages. Powerful and effective web video can be created inexpensively and simply if approached in the right way – its not all about viral video.  


So if you’ve not used video to market your small or independent business yet, or haven’t done much with it how can you use video effectively to market your business or communicate with your customers in 2016? 


General marketing and communications 

Bridging the gap between the real-world and the online

Video can work really well at making up for some of what’s lost online. For example the increasing use of video on shoes and clothing websites can help people envisage what the fabric moves like or what the items look like on the body. Is there anything within your business that is lost in the online experience? What creative ways could video be used for bridging this gap?

Making the complex simple 

Most businesses have an element that is challenging to communicate because its hard to put into words or multi-faceted. Video can work really well for making these complex ideas more digestible because you can use 4 dimensions to get the message across. What’s difficult to communicate to your customers? 


Letting the customer in 

Video on your website can give you a nice opportunity to let your customers in, to let them get a glimpse behind the scenes. For example If you create products you could let visitors see you making things in your workshop, Or if you offer treatments (beauty, therapy, holistic) allowing potential customers to see a snippet of a treatment can showcase your approach and alleviate fears about a first visit. 



What campaigns do you have planned for the rest of the year?  How could video enhance what you’re already doing? How could it reinforce the messages? Video might even be a better medium for your message so have a think whether your current plans could be improved upon with the use of video. As Brand Republic put it in a recent article video can “…Improve SEO; Lengthen time on site; Expand reach with mobile and social; Increase email and nurture effectiveness; Improve landing page conversions [and] Boost online sales.. ” so it has proven broader benefits to your marketing and your business overall. 


Options for producing the video

Once you have some ideas of how you could use video effectively you need to consider how to produce it. You can either bring in a professional video production company to produce the video with you, or you could create it in-house providing you have the skills and equipment available to you. A third option is a mixture of the two where you get professional video makers to help you create the video yourself. It’s worth getting proposals/quotes from some companies so you know in reality how much it will cost to create professionally what you’re looking for – it can be relatively low cost- depending on your needs of course. If you’re going to do it in-house with basic equipment keep it simple and candid and get feedback on it from a “critical-friend” a poorly made video could do you more harm than good. Finally in you are going for something simple such as regular video blogs you could work with a company to get the main set up right (kit, lighting, graphics, shot set up) so you then simply do this again and again for each blog yourself, this can keep costs down but give a professional polish to your videos. 



Planning ahead is essential when working with video.  Even simple and short video can take significant time to plan, produce and embed on your website, for example a short 4 minute video could take half a day to film, a day to edit and then a final day for final polish, soundtrack and graphics. And then of course this needs to be spread out into the existing schedule of whoever is creating it. So planning ahead and working back from your preferred launch date is essential. 



If you’d like to discuss how you could use video on your website, or how video could benefit your business contact us for a chat. 

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