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Make just one small improvement to your website today!

Choose a page on your website right now, and have a look at it. Is there a small change you could make to the text? Could you add a more up to date photo? Any tiny tweaks you could make today, right now to make it just a little bit better? I just did it myself and rephrased a sentence, so it read more clearly. A very small change, but as you know small changes when done regularly can add up to big improvements.


It can be so hard to make time to keep your website fresh and up to date, but literally 2 or 3 minutes even as a one-off is better than no improvement at all. When we talk to our clients, who are mostly independent business owners, making time for their website, and marketing in general, is a challenge. But taking an approach of one small change a day, or a week or a month is far better than seeing a mammoth task ahead of you and failing to make time for it. 


Of course, there should be an overarching longer-term strategy, without it, you’ll be flip-flopping all over the place. But once you have that, and the fundamentals in place, a new image here, a short blog-post there and simple text amends, can chip away at the bigger task of making your website ever more effective. 


Call me on 01244 421 019. or email me if you’d like to discuss how to get more control of your website content, or if you’d like support with making it more effective.



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