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It’s our 5th Twizzlebirthday!

5th Twizzlebirthday balloon banner

5 years ago today we took on our first official Twizzlebird project, working in our back bedroom, still unpacking boxes as we’d relocated to Chester just 5 days before! 


We started out with a mission to do what we love and do what we do best.  This remains our mantra today. 


It’s been an amazing journey so far on a personal and professional level. We are chuffed to say we still work with many of the clients that saw us through that first year in business and have had the pleasure to work with an ever-growing list of great businesses and people along the way.


Over the years we’ve grown and matured our practise, settled into a proper office and worked with great support people, like Sue, our website-testing extraordinaire to make Twizzlebird the dynamic, strong, little business that it is now.


Thanks to each of our clients for making the past 5 years so exciting and creatively challenging. We are so proud to see the positive impact us working with you has on your great businesses.


Here’s to the next five years!


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