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If a picture ‘speaks a 1000 words’ what can video do for your business?

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Pictures are known for boosting engagement. So, if a picture can capture so much additional attention, then imagine the endless possibilities that video has.


Regardless of whether video is used within your e-commerce, social media, website or blogs, it can create a lasting impression. Video is recognised as providing rich media content, that will increase the time spent on your site and help you to convert sales. If used well, it could transform a flat website or social media page into a dynamic site that attracts repeat visits.


However, videos need to have a clearly defined purpose, which of course will depend on your type of business or service. If you have an e-commerce site, video can be successfully used to show off your products. It’s a powerful tool for giving people a sense of what the product is actually like and how it can be used. By showing the quality of your product through video, you will enable it to stand out from the crowd. Not only can video be used to showcase your products, but your testimonials can be brought to life too. Giving your customers the opportunity to tell the story of their own experiences of your business on your site, you are instantly adding authenticity, credibility and interest to your products or services.


You can also use video to add a personal touch to your website by welcoming visitors to your site and introducing key members of staff. This kind of content can add personality, bringing your page to life. It is also a good way to share ‘how to tips’ to your customers to increase engagement. Video can be used in many ways and it is easier, quicker and more cost effective to produce than ever before. In an age where the majority of messages are hidden behind a screen, it is nice to bring a personal feel to your digital communications. Introducing video to your website could see a change in your audience’s behaviour for the better.


We’d love to talk to you about how we could help you introduce video to your websites, whatever your business. If you’d like to talk to us about your video or website requirements contact us to book a free consultation by emailing or calling on 01244 421 019. Free consultations can take place at our office in lovely Chester, or via telephone or Skype depending on your preference.

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