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Getting automatic emails right on your website

Whether it’s an ecommerce website with order confirmation and dispatch reports, or auto responders sent to your web visitors when they fill in a form or sign up automatic emails can great way to make sure customer’s experience is positive and clear. However we see many poorly created auto emails from businesses large and small.  Here are our tips for getting automatic emails right…


  • Make sure the auto email reflects the action that has triggered it to be sent out, ie if someone has signed up to an email newsletter, say something like “Thanks for signing up to our email newsletter” in the auto email subject line and in the body of the email. 
  • Be friendly and human sounding but make it’s clear this is an automatic email especially if it is coming from an email address people can’t reply to.
  • Ensure that both the ‘sender’ name and the email subject line look legitimate and reflect the brand. I’ve nearly deleted legitimate ones before now because they look so much like spam (HMRC, for example send one with a subject line that was a 10 digit number I’d not seen before!), or the sender name used doesn’t match the name of the company I have dealt with (large organisations are particularly guilty of this who use subcontractors or have parent companies).
  • Include in your content ways for people to get additional help or information if what you’ve provided may raise questions.  Large companies or those who deal with sensitive information are now not including links as spammers posing as them use this for phishing or other illegitimate behaviour, so think about how you can safely direct a customer to additional help.
  • Give them opportunity to ‘get out’ whether that’s a clear unsubscribe button, a returns policy or details of how to undo what they’ve done, just make sure they know the next steps.
  • Make sure it’s compliant.  There are laws around email marketing, distance selling as well as general business laws you need to ensure all your communications adhere to.  More information can be found on


To discuss how you could incorporate automatic communications with your customers, contact us. 


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