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Choosing a domain name for your business

Buying a website address is probably one of the first things new business people think about when they start up.  There are a few different approaches to choosing a domain…


Your business name

The most common option is choose your business name or something close to it.  Like us, we chose  If you have a long business name, or the domain has already been registered by another business, then you may need to get creative and choose something else.  Perhaps something close to the name, or something connected to your slogan, or business type instead.


Your search engine keywords

Another option is to use the keywords people will search to find your business type.  This has a small benefit with the search engines connecting your business with those keywords.  But it lacks the personality your brand name may convey, is less easy to choose if you offer a broad range of products and often will have already been registered. An example of this type would be if we’d registered something like webdesignchester or .


Business name and keywords

There is an alternative option that combines the two types above. So for example we could be or  But the downside of this is self evident – it’s really long and potentially difficult to read the when many words are joined together!


Other things to consider, .com or what?

If you’re operating in the UK then we recommend you register a, as it shows where you are based, and gives a small indication to the search engines to help them rank you for relevant UK searches. A .com can be registered too, they tend to cost a bit more than a, but give you a more global feel and like us, many businesses choose to register both and .com options.  Beyond this there are many other top level domain (the end bits) options such as .net, .info etc etc.  It’s up to you if you want to secure these as well.  If only the .net or less common top level domains are available then we tend recommend clients actually opt for a different domain name altogether  to avoid people confusing you with the companies who’ve registered the and .com versions.


How long it is

Long domain names can be annoying to type and confusing and don’t forget you’ll need it to work with the email addresses for your company.  So if you have it’s not only annoying to type for customers, it’s also difficult to fit nicely on a design for your business cards and more.  Keep it short and simple if you can.


Once you’ve got a few ideas for what you’d like, you need to check they are available and then register them.  We can check and register domains for you, and can advise you of the cost at the same time.  Usually it’s a few pounds either every year or every two years when they come up for renewal.  It’s important that they are registered at renewal time or else you could lose them.  Contact us if you would like more information about domain names, or if you would like us to search and or register a domain name for you.


If you would like a website consultation you can visit us in Chester, or we can discuss what you’re looking for on Skype or on the phone, so wherever you are, we can help, just contact us to arrange.






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