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A day of co-working in Chester

Industry’s Chester based co-working office has been around a while now and I’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to go and work there. A bit strange you may think when we have an office of our own, but I think co-working is a great thing, particularly for creative work.  So I booked my day online on their website, in fact I got a freebie because I filled in their survey


Andrew and Rhys made me feel really at home, showing me around their lovely canal-side studio; my nice big white desk for the day, WiFi password, coffee, water and free fruit too. I set up by the window, on a beautiful sunny morning with the reflections of the rippling canal dancing about on the wall and ceiling. Lovely stuff! I was surrounded by people busily creating websites, campaigns, illustrations and graphics while I got on with the writing I needed to do. Quiet work was broken up with occasional chatting and collective making of brews – a perfect productive mix for me of buzz and quiet. 


For freelancers or anyone who works from home, Industry offers really affordable access to a lovely working environment and that sense of a team (albeit working in different businesses) around you. For me as someone who has an office-space already it gives us chance to get out into somewhere new, with new people which is inspiring. When you run a small business, even in a small team, it’s very easy to create a little bubble around you and how you work, so getting out and working in a co-working space breaks that, which is refreshing. 


Aside from a productive day at work in amongst a great gang of creative people, I also enjoyed a quick weekday lunchtime visit to the pub (something I don’t think I’ve done since I was employed!) thank you Telford’s. I also popped into a viewing of an artist’s open studio next door and was able to walk to work and back along the canal in the sunshine! 


My day at Industry has confirmed the positive benefits I feel co-working has to offer and it’s great to see it available in our little city. 


To book a day, a week or even 4 weeks at Industry – go here. 

2 responses to “A day of co-working in Chester”

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. It’s really nice to hear good feedback and you did get an especially good day with sun, pub, art, meetings.

    Really looking forward to working together with Twizzlebird in the future on some great projects that will benefit Chester.

    Thanks again, Andrew

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