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50 projects made with love

After the recent terror attacks in the UK, we found ourselves feeling the need to spread a bit of positivity. It’s been beautiful to see some of the loving, positive and very human responses to both the atrocities and the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower. It made me think, we need another Summer of Love. It then struck me that it was exactly 50 years this summer since the first in 1967. So that inspired a project of our own.



50 projects made with love

Our project is simple but positive. Each day for 50 days, starting today on the Summer Solstice we’ll share an artwork or project that’s made with love. Mainly based on themes of love or sharing gratitude. Expect to see local artists, community projects, and business creations perhaps people you’ve never heard of as well as famous iconic works of art and everything in between, historic & contemporary; in words, sculptures, pictures, books and more, nothing is limited by media. It’s our way of spreading a positive message and celebrating the wonderful people and projects that happen around us every day, even when the world can seem a pretty dark place. 


Look out for our tweet each day and we’ll publish a full list on the 50th day on our blog, so you can see them all together. We’re still curating the full list, so if you have a project you think should be included email me now for a chance to be included.



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