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5 ways to effectively use video on your website


Consumption of online video is growing fast,

with a recent article in Marketing Week quoting ‘..time spent consuming video rising by 23.3% this year and 19.8% next year…” People want video, so how can independent businesses make the most of this medium on their websites? Here are 5 ways to effectively use video on your website…


1. Product demonstrations 

Larger retailer have been using this to great effect and smaller indies should make more of this opportunity.  Video can help make up for the fact your buyers are at a distance and can’t get their hands on the product. You can use video to show how a product works – this can be particularly helpful alongside reviews, where consumers may have different opinions on using your product, video can show the customer so they can see for themselves how simple a product is to use. It can be a good way to demonstrate added value or special features of your product too. I’ve also seen simple videos used to great effect for showing off shoes, clothes and lifestyle products.  It has huge potential.


We can help you with creating video product demonstrations, either as a full video production service, or by supporting you with the set up, so you can then easily create professional and effective product demos yourself. 


2. Vlogging 

An alternative to the written blog a video blog can be a fantastic way to build a relationship with your target market and to carve your niche. Once you have some good basics in place they can be easy to shoot and share.  They can work really well for opinion driven stuff, or where you have a strong angle or philosophy on your subject.  Its not so effective if the subject is quite dry or you are uncomfortable in front of the camera, so consider your content and your audience to see if vlogging is the right way to get convey your message.  


We can arrange a package with you, where we help you to get the best set up for vlogging so you can easily create regular videos and add your visual identity without needing technical skills.


3. Tutorials and how-tos

For teachers or those who want to share their specialist knowledge, tutorial videos can work well, especially if what you’re sharing involves movement or is very visual. We have worked with a number of clients who use these to great effect as both a product they have monetised or as a way of showing their skills and promoting their books or other products and services. We use video in this way ourselves, to show to clients how to update the content on their websites. 


4. Fundraising 

Crowdfunding is massive now and has helped launch and support thousands of products, events and more. Video is often key to a crowdfunding campaign, and would display on your website as well as the crowdfunding site you’re using. Video can help you build appeal and ‘buy-in’ from your audience and showcase what you want to do.  We worked with our clients Cadscan on a highly successful Kickstarter campaign when they were developing their first product.


5. Video portfolios/showreels

A video portfolio or showreel can be effective for getting potential customers excited about what you do.  The video can show off your best work, or the breadth of your offering. They can incorporate graphics, stills, sketches, client testimonials as a music sound track that fits the mood you’re wanting to express.


We can work with video that you have captured yourself (quality dependent) incorporate photographs or drawings or come along and film what you need. 



Some added value 

Beyond the many benefits mentioned above, adding high quality, relevant video content to your website can help your ranking in Google, so can form part of your Search Engine Optimisation work. We always recommend that content is focused on your visitors first, so video shouldn’t be created just for SEO benefit else it may end up quite wooden and ineffective for visitors. 


If you would like to benefit from adding video to your website, contact us to discuss how it can work for you. 

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