“Since using Twizzlebird to redesign and overhaul my website my average readership has increased by over 50%. I get continued compliments about the site and it’s ease of use. Twizzlebird have been absolutely instrumental in making my business and products professional and competitive against the biggest publishers out there”


Joseph Alexander | Director of Fundamental Changes


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Will smoking cause the premature death of Helvetica?

The new standardised packaging for cigarettes has been in the news recently, with details of their typeface, colours and design detailing. A fairly unsurprising murky brown-green has been chosen for their main colour and the typeface Helvetica has been chosen for the words.    Helvetica is a well-loved, well-used classic typeface. It’s held up in…

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A day of co-working in Chester

Industry’s Chester based co-working office has been around a while now and I’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to go and work there. A bit strange you may think when we have an office of our own, but I think co-working is a great thing, particularly for creative work.  So I booked my day…

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How to alienate your customers by giving them £50

I wanted to share recent shopping experience that I think is a useful cautionary tale to businesses that use special offers, discounts and cashback to entice customers. Recently I needed to buy a new laptop, I searched online for the best model and saw that it was in stock in my local PC World store…

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